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'Breastaurant' Trademarked By Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill Owner

Thought Hooters already had the "trademark" on serving up hot food alongside curvy women? Then admit your ignorance and bow before Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill.

The restaurant chain's founder, Doug Guller, announced in a press release last week that Bikinis has officially secured the trademark for that most coveted term: "breastaurant." That's right, Bikinis now officially owns the federal trademark and can actually pursue legal action if any of its competitors -- that means you, Hooters -- tries to use it.

"We're really excited about receiving this federal trademark," Guller said in the press release. A "breastaurant" is a restaurant that diners frequent just as much for the cleavage-bearing waitstaff as for the food they serve, by the way.

Guller's decision may have been fueled by the "breastaurant" industry's recent surge. The country's top three "breastaurant" chains after Hooters each experienced at least 30 percent in sales growth in 2011. The dining experience is becoming so popular, in fact, that even Hulk Hogan plans to enter the market. Hulk Hogan!

Guller likes doing stuff like this. Indeed, less than a year ago, he bought Bankersmith, Tex., and renamed it Bikinis, Tex. At the time he bought it, the town consisted of just one building, but Guller told Eater that he hopes to turn the place into a "big playground." Uncomfortable yet?

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How To Deal With Difficult Restaurant Customers

Even when we try to bend backwards to please our clients, sometimes we will encounter people impossible to please and who will display negative behavior.

What can a restaurateur do to avoid a confrontation with these people in your establishment, and how do you neutralize (and perhaps eliminate) their disruptive behavior?

This is not an easy task.

It might help you to remember: most of the time, these people are using your restaurant or your employees in order to vent their personal frustrations.

Sometimes people come to your place bringing along their emotional baggage. It would be great if they could leave it at home, but unfortunately, they don't.

You al

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Top 5 Steakhouses in America


The perfect steak: It's a simple yet elusive goal that some grill masters devote a lifetime to achieving. However, at these meccas of meat, expertly cooked cuts are within easy reach -- lovingly prepared with a minimum of ingredients. At the best steakhouses across the country, it all begins with premium beef. Steaks are dry-aged and often seasoned with little more than a sprinkle of sea salt, allowing pure, unadulterated beef flavor to shine through. While some steakhouses give off an old-school vibe, others match their elegantly restrained cuisine with modern minimalist d

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BURGER KING® Restaurants Introduce the Big and Hearty BACON KING™ Sandwich


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Significant Techniques For Successful Apartment Moves

Are you experiencing a condo move developing that may be starting to help you feel restless and nervous? You need to understand that this may not be something to stress over, as apartment moving within america if common and it can be easily tackle by online packers and movers that happen to be component of a national network.

Apartment moves may be stress-ridden just for about anybody. However, stress can be reduced drastically following together with these tips:

1. Practically per month before your move, go on a tour to examine your current apartment to be able to make lists. List so what can be thrown out, whatever you just might share with charity, and what you want to sell online or via a garage sale. In terms of references out of your dentist and doctor about who you can utilize in your new location, then work with transferring over school records and insurance information. This can be the best time to prepare your property plants you are thinking of transferring.

2. Once another week passes by, you are able to pre-plan the foodstuff usage to enable you to easily use up any of the perishable foods that you may have. Bring your change of address forms home through the post office and fill a form for anyone who is probably going to receive mail at your current address. It is also a fantastic time and energy to train your pets to the move, teaching them to adapt to being temporarily confined. Additionally, take into account that movers are not likely to accept any corrosives, flammables, and explosives such as firearms or ammunition. Drain out all fuel tanks in your lawnmower and also other equipment and disconnect any batteries through the appliances that you simply will not be prone to use before your apartment move.

3. If you have two weeks to look before your apartment move, it will likely be time and energy to decide what items you need to pack yourself and what you will leave approximately the movers. Concurrently, set up a floor plan in the new apartment and pre-plan where you will want the movers to position your furniture. Return anything that you may have borrowed, like library books and collect whatever maybe you have loaned over to other people. Talk with your bank about transferring your credit account or closing it for you personally. Request any disconnection of your respective utilities and remember you need to make eleventh hour travel plans.

4. In case you have merely a week left to go your apartment, you have to reconfirm your traveling details. Collect any maps and other things you must support you with travel plans. Setup the arrangement to pay for your movers for their services in the course of delivery and take into consideration obtaining your telephone service able to be set up in your brand-new apartment and get your old service disconnected. This is a good time and energy to transfer your checking account details and commence packing the bags, in addition to your necessary medicines you will require on hand.

5. About the last day prior to move, make sure that you look at the list and check it twice for everything that must be covered. Complete your packing, putting your essential components of a bag that exist to easily. This will incorporate your toiletries, emergency medicines and information and facts you need handy to the move. This really is enough time to defrost and clean from the fridge and freezer.

If things are planned out well, at the time of the move you are likely to feel nice and relaxed. The very last job is checking on the apartment, handing over the keys and obtaining on your way. You are prepared to the big apartment move and the start of your way of life inside the new location.


8 months ago

3 Valuable Points When Picking A Moving Company

Thinking about moving to a new property is fantastic for most of us. On the other hand, the reality of moving is much https://plus.google.com/102814666647311236956/about different. Dealing with all the details of a move can quickly become stressful. Deciding on the best moving company can create a big difference in how smoothly the procedure goes. Listed below are three important considerations you should remember when looking for a moving company to ensure that you hire the most effective company for the task.

#1 - What level of service does the organization provide?

Moving companies may vary a lot in how large of your role they take in the specific moving process. Some companies simply offer you a truck and require that you load your belongings onto it yourself. The primary benefit from going this route is that it tends to be cheaper than employing a full-service moving company. However, once you really start to take into account exactly how much work you have to put into packing and loading your own belongings, the minor savings will not be worthwhile.

A full-service moving company, on the flip side, will take care of all the hard meet your needs. This will free you up to manage details like transferring your utilities or altering your mailing address. You should weigh the pros and cons of each and every form of moving company to determine what one is right for your circumstances.

#2 - May be the company licensed, bonded, and insured?

Whatever company you hire is going to be handling your most valuable possessions. You have to be sure they are not merely qualified for the task but that they also have insurance in place which will cover the fee for any damages. Additionally you must make sure which every person that works well with the corporation has the necessary skills for the job right and that they are already properly trained concerning how to handle furniture as well as other large items when loading them onto the truck.

#3 - Is the price the business is charging good?

One of the best ways to understand regardless of whether a business is overcharging you is by getting quotes from multiple companies. However, you need to ensure these particular quotes cover the same types of services. Ask each company which you contact to get a quote to present you with an itemized set of exactly what is included in the price. This will help you determine whether the quotes are comparable so that you can more accurately compare prices. Oftentimes, the corporation that provides you the lowest price quote is merely able to do so mainly because they don't provide all of the services that others do.

Before you work with a moving company, it really is absolutely essential which you think through your distinct situation to determine which form of company is the best for your preferences. You also have to carefully research moving companies in your area to get the one that is the most qualified to handle work.